Our intelligent platform helps deliver a safer more efficient road network. With next generation technologies our streamlined, efficient asset management process helps Clients manage their road networks in smart, innovative ways, delivering significant productivity gains.

Our Platform Benefits


We are committed to the safety of all road users.

90% reduction in Person Vehicle Interaction

Our powerful and intelligent platform helps deliver safer roads for those who travel on them and a safer working environment for those who work on them. Capturing assets and road defects with cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) means inspectors no longer need to leave their vehicles. Instead, they can travel at the speed of the traffic, making significant improvements in safety and effective use of time


Businesses are continually seeking smarter, more efficient ways to operate.

30% increase in field force productivity

Our platform is easy to use, facilitates compliance, encourages collaboration and creates a streamlined, efficient asset management process, delivering significant productivity gains to our Clients. Asset Vision’s Operations functionality allows you to manage your jobs, tasks and crews for maximum efficiency, all the while allowing you to see the past and present status of your operations.


We apply out of the box thinking to everything we do, always seeking better solutions.

3 times faster to go live

Our platform offers ultimate flexibility in design and implementation allowing us to cater for each Clients unique needs. With standardised and configurable industry templates, out of the box reporting and an integration layer that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise systems, Asset Vision can be live in the field in a matter of weeks not months and years 

Our Clients
AV Platform


Our deep cross industry experience in major infrastructure and heavy industrial sectors enabled us to develop a technology solution that automatically detects road defects and asset inventory using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Neural Network (NN) techniques from captured video footage. This highly efficient and effective process also promotes a safer field based environment for workers.


Asset Vision’s centralised Asset Register with integrated GIS, Maintenance and Capital Work Management is unparalleled in its ease of use and flexibility. Unlimited asset hierarchy, configurable attributes and strong support for point, polygon and linear spatial types.


Our powerful mobile app available on iOS and Android is used by field crews to undertake Inspections, Maintenance Jobs and keep Asset Registers up to date. Our apps work completely offline, can also be used to access photos and documents, and our Custom Form Builder feature set means all field data can be captured in the one system. In addition, the Asset Vision coPilot product allows for road inspections to be undertaken without the inspectors having to take their hands off the wheel or stop the vehicle.


Fully configurable, user defined dashboards are available on web and mobile, with the ability to click-through to see the data behind. Out of the box KPI compliance and asset condition modelling makes business intelligence accessible. Extend Asset Vision data directly out to your reporting platforms using Asset Vision Data Services.


Asset Vision Cloud Services uses modern web API’s, enabling real time data exchange with your integration platform of choice.

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