EagleSoft wins significant deal with DM Roads

We are pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of EagleSoft, an Intelligent Data Capture Platform that automatically detects both road defects and asset inventory using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

DM Roads is the name of Downer EDI Limited (ASX:DOW) road network management and maintenance business in Australia, delivering road network management since 1997. DM Roads expertise has been developed over more than 20 years and has helped to make DM Roads one of Australia’s largest road maintenance provider, managing 36,000 kilometres of road across Australia.

DM Roads delivers market-leading solutions in road network management, asset management, routine maintenance, capital works, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and smart city infrastructure, that go beyond simply maintaining the road network today. EagleSoft’s EaglEye supports the innovation that DM Roads brings to their contracts, delivering ever-increasing value to their clients and road network users.

Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) was established in September 2018 to respond to community needs, focus on regional issues and improve the condition of regional roads. On 1 July 2019, RRV and VicRoads came together with Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and the Department of Transport to form a new integrated Department of Transport.

This new contract, to perform further analysis of the road network in the North Eastern Region in Victoria, continues the strong partnership EagleSoft has built with DM Roads.

Asset Vision CEO, Damian Smith, commented:- “This contract win validates what we see in Eaglesoft’s technology and the future opportunities that we anticipate will unfold. Our collective footprint across Victoria has been strengthened by this contract win, and as we integrate Eaglesoft technology seamlessly with Asset Vision over the coming months, we expect further opportunities will present themselves with our existing clients.”

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