Asset Vision launches Generation 7 Platform

Generation 7 brings significant capabilities and functionality to Asset Vision

September 2019

Asset Vision’s New and Improved Generation 7 platform has now been released!

Generation 7 has been a long time in the making, and brings a significant number of enhancements and fixes to both iOS and Android based platforms.

Enhancements which form part of the Generation 7 release include:

  • Ability to manage Estimated / Remaining / Actual quantity against Maintenance Jobs.
  • Inspections can be scheduled in advance on the web, and then completed on devices
  • Ability to use Timesheets to capture work effort for Inspections, Maintenance Jobs and Capital Works
  • Customer Requests Module – appears on the side menu and can be used to manage customer requests / CRM’s.
  • Custom Forms can be configured and attached to Maintenance Jobs and Capital Works
  • Capital Work locations do not have to link to Assets, and can be freely defined as a Point, Polyline or Polygon
  • Capital Work Tasks are linked to a standard set of Activities and their Unit of Measure
  • Inspections show in a Map View as you are driving, enabling you to also see existing existing open Jobs
  • And many more!

We look forward to continuing to support more of our clients’ processes through the Asset Vision platform!

Asset Vision’s Generation 7 platform overview is attached below:

Asset Vision Generation 7